Demand for sustainably harvested fynbos bouquets remains strong and the Sustainable5_1 Harvesting Programme continues to enjoy the support of all key players in the fynbos industry.

According to Flower Valley Conservation Trust’s Enterprise Development Manager, Frieda Lloyd, retailers continue to place their regular orders for fynbos harvested according to strict environmental and social criteria. This even as the local fynbos industry has altered with the closure of the pack shed, Fynsa. Fynsa, a pack shed based in Stanford, sold sustainably harvested fynbos to retailers locally and abroad.

Lloyd says that Flower Valley continues to work closely with pack sheds selling fynbos bouquets, to promote sustainably harvested fynbos. “We are of course sad to learn of the decision by Fynsa’s directors to close the business. However, the Sustainable Harvesting Programme continues unabated, with support still strong from key partners and the market.”

Flower Valley has also been assured by Fynsa’s directors that the jobs of bouquet-makers at the pack shed have not been lost. Lloyd says, “Staff have taken up work at another local pack shed, to assist in meeting the orders for bouquets from retailers. It’s vital that jobs are protected in spite of the closure.”

She says, “Flower Valley will continue to facilitate and support good fynbos landscape management, working closely with pickers, landowners, the markets, and other stakeholders. And of course we will keep all our partners apprised of all developments.” Any harvesters and packshed/exporters wishing to register with the Flower Valley Sustainable Harvesting Programme should please contact Frieda Lloyd,

For more information, contact Heather D’Alton at Flower Valley Conservation Trust. or Tel. 028 425 2218.