SIZA’s latest news

SIZA membership is growing with the total currently at 362 members.siza

The breakdown of membership is as follows:

Producer/Pack-house: 303

Pack houses: 36

Exporters: 16

Importers: 1

Retailers / Industry associations: 6

If you are a member of SIZA you can remain visible to your customers on SEDEX if this is a marketing requirement. FSA is now registered as an AB member on SEDEX, and you can authorise SEDEX to transfer your account and historical data to the FSA AB account where you will remain registered as an ‘employment site’. You do not have to pay the SEDEX registration fee for this facility. FSA will pay the costs of each account that is transferred. Since the costs are high for individual transfers of accounts, FSA has arranged to do transfers of accounts in BULK on specific dates. Continue reading.

Your own Erica ID kit:

There are around 660 Erica species in the Cape Floral Kingdom. On Flower Valley Farm, we’ve got 19 Erica species. (Most notably, you’ll find the Endangered Erica irregularis.) We’ve compiled an Erica ID kit of the main Erica species you’ll find in our area. And we’re making this kit available to those who have Adopted a Hectare on Flower Valley Farm.