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Fynbos landscapes

There’s a lot of resolve needed to meet the challenges faced by non-profit organisations. For us, it’s so gratifying when our work results in positive change.

Like seeing fynbos landscapes cared for by wonderful partners, or seeing young children connecting in new ways with nature.

So a very special thank you to all our donors, friends and supporters for all that you have done for us this year. We can’t take on this crucial work without your help.

A gift that truly gives

There are loads of ways for you to get involved in fynbos conservation. Like giving a gift to a friend or to family that will protect fynbos for a year. We’ve made it possible for you to Adopt a Hectare for someone else this Christmas – a gift that truly gives. Please check here for more.

We hope you have a beautiful festive season with family and friends. We’re looking forward to connecting with you in 2017.

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