Colours say so much. And colours in Fynbos amplify those messages.

So the Flower Valley team recently headed out onto Flower Valley Farm, to photograph all the flowering colours on those hectares adopted by Friends of Flower Valley.

We then connected the meaning of colours with our very special Fynbos species.


See if you agree with the meaning of colours in Fynbos…


Yellow: Hope, happiness, honour and freshness. Perfectly captured in our flowering Fynbos on Flower Valley Farm. 


The colour orange… is associated with warmth, creativity, enthusiasm and freedom. Can you feel it when taking in these flaming Fynbos flowers on Flower Valley Farm? Enough to brighten any day… 

3: RED

Passion, love, radiance, romance: That’s the meaning of red… captured in our flowering Fynbos on Flower Valley Farm.


Pink symbolises tenderness, nurturing, compassion, intimacy. And these are some of the pinks flowering on Flower Valley Farm, on hectares adopted by our wonderful supporters.


Noble, royal, grandiose, dignified: That’s the meaning of purple, and clearly also the meaning of purple Fynbos, as photographed on Flower Valley Farm. 


Fynbos has grown and adapted for more than a million years. So we’re sure Fynbos has these traits – as captured in the colour blue: wisdom, loyalty. stability and freedom.


White = sincerity, softness, perfection and purity. Need we say more?!

What about your own adopted hectare?

What colour or colours would you like to see? Adopt your own hectare here.


And let us know what colour YOU’RE looking for in your hectare. Email: