Give 67 minutes to protect Fynbos (while enjoying a hike)

What are you doing for your 67 minutes this Mandela Day? Here’s one idea: Join the Southern Overberg Botanical Society, as they enjoy a hike on our Flower Valley Farm – cutting down small invasive alien plants as they walk. 


Mandela Day is on Thursday, 18 July. The combined Flower Valley Conservation Trust and Southern Overberg BotSoc event takes place in the late morning, from 10am. It will take hikers through some of the most unique, special and pretty Fynbos landscapes. 

Here’s the programme:

  • Following a welcome and a chat about invasive species, you’ll receive a short induction on clearing alien species in field.
  • Then your 67 minutes start, clearing invasive species while walking through our Fynbos.
  • Join us for tea and coffee afterwards.
  • Or bring your own picnic and enjoy our Fynbos for the rest of the day.


The combined Mandela Day event forms part of a bigger collaboration between Flower Valley and the Southern Overberg BotSoc. This will see Flower Valley Farm become a ‘garden’ of the branch, allowing branch members free access to the farm (non-members currently pay R50 to hike on the farm).

For more information on the Mandela Day event on Flower Valley Farm, or to join and give 67 minutes of your time to conservation, email: by Tuesday, 16 July.