flower valley farm
Flower Valley Farm – Protecting our fynbos and fynbos animals

Flower Valley Farm, based just outside Gansbaai and Hermanus in the Western Cape of South Africa, is a showcase for flourishing fynbos and well-functioning ecosystems. The 540-hectare farm is home to many critically endangered lowland fynbos species. It has been cleared of all invasive alien plants, which is followed up regularly.

But fynbos is more than a vegetation type: it is also the hiding place of many animals who’s existence depends on fynbos. Some of those endangered or rare species found on Flower Valley Farm – and that we actively work to protect through care for our farm, include:

Leopards have been photographed living in the fynbos-covered mountains on Flower Valley Farm. But they have been labeled critically endangered in the Cape by conservation groups studying them. Crucially, leopards need a well-functioning ecosystem to survive, as well as ‘corridors’ of the right habitat to travel through to reach other leopards, in order to breed. Flower Valley’s work includes securing and conserving this natural habitat across the Agulhas Plain, to facilitate the survival of the endangered Cape Leopard.
farm_padloperThis small tortoise (usually no bigger than 10cm) has certainly become an increasingly rare sight over the years. The padloper (translated as ‘the road walker’) lives in the Fynbos Biome, but is particularly susceptible to wildfires, from which it has no escape. Walk through a fynbos area that has been ravaged by wildfire, and you’ll no doubt find numerous burnt tortoise shells. That’s why Flower Valley’s work to conserve the fynbos includes protection against wildfire – and the survival of this small defenceless tortoise.
farm_toadThis endangered toad lives on Flower Valley Farm. It’s endemic to the Western Cape, particularly the Agulhas Plain. The Western Leopard Toad breeds only for a short period in the year – but as it migrates to ponds to breed, it becomes vulnerable to predators and passing vehicles. On Flower Valley Farm, however, we work to protect the habitat for this toad, to allow it to breed safely.
farm_compactaOur fynbos haven also offers sanctuary to many other animals and birds – including those sugarbirds and sunbirds that depend on the nectar from our proteas and ericas, and in turn pollinate the flowers.
What can you do on Flower Valley Farm?


When you get to Flower Valley Farm, come say Hi at our reception. There you’ll meet Flower Valley’s Marianna Afrikaner and other Flower Valley staff. Marianna can tell you about our offering on the farm. These include:


Four hiking trails spread over the Farm – taking you through our often-threatened fynbos, and to our Stinkhoutsbos Forest (R80 per person).

Mountain Biking

The Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy’s Klipspringer Mountain Bike Trail has a starting point of Flower Valley Farm. There are four route options here, ranging from 8km to 31km. (R40 per person & there is an honesty box).


Tractor rides give you the pleasure of viewing the fynbos whilst breathing in the crystal clear air. They cost R140 per person, but if you can organise a group of 10 or more, then it is R100 per person. Booking is essential beforehand.

The Farm is open to visitors 9am – 4pm daily, except for the weekend. We are open on a Saturday by appointment only, and closed on Sundays. And if you decide to come hike over a weekend, we’ve got an honesty box for you to make use of. 

Also take note – we are closed on public holidays. (We also need a little time to recharge our batteries.)

Bring all your friends and family, pack yourself a picnic and come enjoy some quality time in the flora. Contact Marianna on (028) 388 0713 or visit@flowervalley.co.za



Tour Groups


Standard Tour Package

This tour group package includes a 15 minute welcome and introduction on Flower Valley Farm, coffee and tea & then the group can walk through the fynbos and enjoy the scenery. (R100 per person; please book prior to your visit). Picnics baskets can be organised 5 days in advance with extra costs involved.

All-inclusive Tour Package

This tour group package includes a 30 minute presentation on Flower Valley by conservation staff, coffee and tea, a 30 min tractor ride & then the group can walk through the fynbos and enjoy the scenery. (R200 per person; please book prior to your visit). Picnics baskets can be organised 5 days in advance with extra costs involved.


We are situated between Stanford and Gansbaai, in the Western Cape, South Africa.

S 34° 33′ 3.3834″ E 19° 28′ 11.9274″