Our forest has shrunk dramatically since 1938. So it’s now a conservation priority for us.

Our secretive Stinkhoutsbos Forest has faced tough times over the years. Now we’re restoring it. 



The Stinkhoutsbos Forest is nestled in a valley on Flower Valley Farm. And we know this forest provides a home for Cape Leopards, Bushbuck, Cape Grysbok and a host of other animals. So that’s why, with partners like the Fynbos Trail, we’re working to restore the forest.

Our forest is not the only one in the Walker Bay region. In fact, there are 15 forest patches here. But our magical forest has shrunk dramatically since 1938.


That’s why it’s now a conservation priority for us.

So what happened? Well, in 1938, the first aerial photographs showed that our Stinkhoutsbos Forest covered around 9 hectares. But that was just before the Second World War broke out. During the war, prisoners were tasked with cutting down the Stinkhout (Ocotea bullata) – because it was so sought-after for the furniture trade. This in turn removed the fire-resistant forest canopy.

Who would have thought that 70 years later, we were to bear the consequences of this?

In 2006, a devastating wildfire started on the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy. On day 7 of the fire, our forest was hit. The result? Devastation. A forest that had managed to withstand centuries of wildfires, was severely damaged.

And from 9 hectares in 1938, suddenly only 3 hectares remained.



Now we’re rehabilitating our forest. 

We’ve worked hard to clear our Stinkhoutsbos Forest of invasive species over the years, as part of our rehabilitation. But we still have new invaders sneaking in to our forest, so the work is ongoing. And then, with partners like the Fynbos Trail, trees are planted to bring back those species that used to occur here.



But we need your support.

Visitors to the Flower Valley Farm, or hikers that tackle the 3-day Fynbos Trail hike, can plant a tree in our forest. It’s important to then continue to care for the trees afterwards – in particular during the dry summer months. So, over time, we’re building up our forest, to once again cover 9 hectares in our little nook on the farm.




No plans to visit Flower Valley soon?

We can plant a tree for you, for just R150.

And in turn, we’ll send you a certificate, including the GPS coordinates of your tree. You can then visit your tree at any time – and track its growth, as it helps to once again ‘rebuild’ our forest.



You give: R150 to Plant A Tree

Plant a Tree for just R150.

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  • You’ll receive a certificate, including the GPS coordinates of your tree, so you can track its growth.
  • You’ll know that you’re helping to restore our forest
  • Visit Flower Valley Farm and check your tree at any time.
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