Gansbaai, WEstern Cape, South Africa

Location: Western Cape, South Africa

Flower Valley Farm is situated near
the small town of Gansbaai.

Gansbaai is a quaint town which was found in the early 1880’s. Originally, Gansbaai was inhabited by fishermen, who lived off the ocean to feed themselves and their families.

The fishermen decided on the name “Gansbaai” after they saw colonies of Egyptian geese gather at the freshwater fountain which is next to the harbour.

Gansbaai has always revolved around the fishing industry. But more recently, the town and surrounding area (including Flower Valley Farm) has seen impressive growth in the tourism industry.

Winners in the World Responsible Tourism Awards

That may be down to the wonderful nature in the area, and the excellent, responsible tourism ventures that operate here. So much so that Gansbaai won the Best Destination for Responsible Tourism in the World Responsible Tourism Awards in 2015.


Gansbaai’s most famous attractions are the Great White Shark population and the Southern Right Whales who come to calve in the Bay. Just off the coast is Dyer Island, a vital breeding ground for the endangered African penguin.


But aside from the coastal and marine biodiversity, Gansbaai and surrounds is also being seen as a fynbos destination. The fynbos in this Walker Bay region is unique, often threatened and very beautiful.



That’s why destinations such as Flower Valley Farm invite visitors to come witness this special veld, and the animals that live in it.

Do you love fynbos? 

We hope after seeing the beauty of fynbos – but also the threats it faces, your answer is ‘yes’. Now you, too, can protect fynbos, and the wildlife it gives sanctuary to.


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