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Across the world, we celebrated #WorldWaterDay last week. And surely there’s never been a more apt time to give serious consideration to water in the Western Cape. The water crisis has been hard on households and businesses. But look at the creativity it has sparked:...

Meet Elzette, the new SHP committee chair

It’s vital to work alongside partners in our efforts to promote sustainabilty in fynbos; from harvesters, retailers, conservation authorities to others in the fynbos industry.

Our fynbos & forests from the air

It’s not everyday that you get to fly over secretive sections of the Cape Floral Kingdom. But that’s exactly what we did recently.

Flower Valley Farm – visit our fynbos wonderland

Rolling fynbos hills, secretive forests, fresh clear air. That’s what Flower Valley Farm offers you. So why not stop by for a relaxed hike or tractor ride to enjoy this part of the Cape Floral Kingdom wonderland for yourself.

Fynbos arrangement tips for Floral Design Day

Putting together a beautiful fynbos arrangement can sometimes be tricky. Especially because there are so many fynbos species that can be found in the Cape Floral Kingdom (although not all can be picked).

Flower Valley’s 2016-17 annual report available

The Flower Valley Conservation Trust’s annual report for 2016 – 2017 financial year has been completed and is now available. For the year, there has been significant focus on monitoring of fynbos in the veld …

4 Fynbos flowers that say: Be my Valentine

You want your fynbos bouquet to capture the feeling of love this Valentine’s Day. And you also want those fynbos flowers to complement each other in the bouquet. So the Flower Valley team looked at four fynbos flowers that not only work together; they also say: Be my...