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What’s going below our fynbos?

Following a recent study on Flower Valley Farm, it was found that SEVEN different species of dung beetles occur here. And while they may frequent the indigenous Stinkhoutsbos Forest, the study found they prefer the fynbos-covered slopes on the farm.

Flower Valley’s latest news

In the Bailey household, we take Valentine’s Day pretty seriously. At the very least, my wife ‘expects’ (although I try to surprise her) a beautiful bouquet of flowers – preferably fynbos. And not just any fynbos, of course. We only opt for responsibly harvested fynbos. 

Here’s how YOU and Pick n Pay are conserving Fynbos

When you buy Fynbos bouquets with THIS sticker on them, you’re helping to conserve Fynbos. Flower Valley Conservation Trust has teamed up with Pick n Pay to protect Fynbos. For every bouquet of Fynbos sold in a Pick n Pay store with the sticker on, R1 is donated to Flower Valley’s Sustainable Harvesting Programme (SHP).

How to make a Valentine’s Day bouquet

We popped in at our Sustainable Harvesting Programme member, Lourens Boerdery, to see the creative side in action (and hopefully get some tips on bouquet arranging). Here Maria Lewis shows us how it’s done:

Spotlight on the fynbos Vulnerability Index

The Vulnerability Index has been recognised internationally as an important contributor to conservation in the fynbos biome. This Index is a key component of the Flower Valley Sustainable Harvesting Programme. It’s used to guide wild harvesting of fynbos across the Agulhas Plain.

Update: The latest on the Alien Clearing Project

Nearly 2,000 hectares of invasive alien plants have been removed in the Agulhas Plain since the launch of the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) Alien Clearing Project, implemented by Flower Valley Conservation Trust. The project launched in August 2019.

Is fire a key driver or destructive force?

On 17 December 2019, news came that smoke had been spotted just below the lower Flower Valley border. The smoke was seen in a dense poplar tree forest, on a neighbour’s property. But with no way to enter, we had to wait it out and let it burn out towards Flower Valley Farm.

Flower Valley’s 2018-19 annual report available

The Flower Valley Conservation Trust’s annual report for 2018 - 2019 is now available. Says Executive Director, Lesley Richardson: I’ve been part of an intricate Flower Valley Conservation Trust journey. This journey has seen Flower Valley evolve and grow. What...