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Our latest newsletter is out. Read all about what’s been going on, find out how you can become involved in #MandelaDay or take our fun #fynbos quiz.

Mandela Day: a day to inspire and make a difference

Not sure what to do this Mandela Day, 18 July? If you’re in the Overstrand area, we’d love your help. Give 67 minutes of your time, working in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres in and around Gansbaai.

How did you feel when you turned 18?

Remember turning 18? And how you felt when you transformed from a teenager to become an adult? Well, this year, we are proud to celebrate our 18th birthday at our Early Learning Centre – our pre-school situated on Flower Valley Farm.

Brunia drives a fynbos focus

Silver brunia is helping to focus attention on the Cape Floral Kingdom – and specifically, the need to harvest fynbos sustainably. In an article featured in the Business Day, the demand for fynbos is highlighted – with fynbos exported to Europe, Asia, Russia and many other global markets.

Flower Valley’s latest news

There’s a lot going on in South Africa right now. It makes one feel uncertain. And that’s never a nice feeling. But despite political turmoil, there are some definites we can rely on. Like South Africa’s value in terms of our environment. It’s well known we’re in the top 10 biodiversity-rich countries in the world.