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Our latest newsletter is out. From tackling some of the biggest threats to #fynbos, to cooking with fynbos – we’ve got all our fynbos-related news for you here.     

18 years on: Building on our Early Childhood foundation

Since September 1998 the Early Childhood Development programme has served the children, families and teachers of the Overstrand with commitment, passion and services. The programme has grown tremendously in these 18 years.

Fynbos foodie options and their medicinal benefits

Fynbos offers a number of tasty foodie options. So on World Food Day (16 October), we’re taking a slightly different view of fynbos – to see how to use fynbos in food (responsibly, of course), and some of the medicinal benefits.

#WorldAnimalDay: This is a leopard tale with two happy outcomes

First we were thrilled to see pictures on the camera traps in our secretive forest of a leopard with two small cubs. Now they’ve grown fast, so to quickly reach an age where they are less vulnerable and can protect themselves (about 5 months old), and are happily hopping up the trees. The perfect way to celebrate #WorldAnimalDay and raise awareness of our fynbos animals.

Meet Daylene, our SHP field monitor

The Sustainable Harvesting team has received additional support to test new fynbos monitoring methods. A field monitor, Daylene van Riet has joined the team. She will now work with fynbos harvesters who are members of the Sustainable Harvesting Programme, together testing the field monitoring method and capturing fynbos harvesting data.