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There’s a lot going on in South Africa right now. It makes one feel uncertain. And that’s never a nice feeling. But despite political turmoil, there are some definites we can rely on. Like South Africa’s value in terms of our environment. It’s well known we’re in the top 10 biodiversity-rich countries in the world.

4 reasons to celebrate Plant Day

This Thursday (April 13) is International Plant Appreciation Day. And what better way to celebrate and appreciate our fabulous fynbos! So we’ve got 4 reasons to get into the fynbos on Thursday (and any other day, for that matter).

Making fynbos monitoring ‘easy’

There’s nothing simple about monitoring fynbos populations – like seeing how fynbos harvesting may affect fynbos in an area over time. So the Flower Valley team has teamed up with scientists and students to find ways to more easily see how fynbos changes in the long term.

Our ECD team is growing and you can join the team

Flower Valley’s Early Childhood Development Programme is expanding and you can become part of the team. There are two new positions available: a Centre-Based Support Teacher and Governance and Administration support.

Adrenaline junkie? See you this Easter

Happen to be in the Overstrand region over the Easter Weekend? Or just keen for some fun and adventure? Amoija Events presents the Great White MTB & Trail run taking place Saturday 15 April and you are invited to join.

Help from our US partners

We had a class full of happy children – thanks to wonderful donations from our global partners. The Webb School in Tennessee, United States, collaborated with the Stanford Rotary Club and Animal Welfare, to deliver wonderful goods to our Early Learning Centre.

Answering tough fynbos questions

Flower Valley is introducing new skills and capacity to answer difficult questions around fynbos use. With the help of a database expert, the team is now able to use internet-based databases, to help analyse trends in fynbos.

Spot these 5 offbeat fynbos animals

Our unique corner of the Cape Floral Kingdom is well known for its fabulous fynbos diversity. But what about the animals? And those little critters that rely completely on fynbos to survive.

Stellenbosch University visits Flower Valley

Flower Valley’s Sustainable Harvesting team hosted the Conservation Ecology students from Stellenbosch University for the whole week, testing the field assessment set out by the Sustainable Harvesting Programme.