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Flower Valley’s 2016-17 annual report available

The Flower Valley Conservation Trust’s annual report for 2016 – 2017 financial year has been completed and is now available. For the year, there has been significant focus on monitoring of fynbos in the veld …

4 Fynbos flowers that say: Be my Valentine

You want your fynbos bouquet to capture the feeling of love this Valentine’s Day. And you also want those fynbos flowers to complement each other in the bouquet. So the Flower Valley team looked at four fynbos flowers that not only work together; they also say: Be my...

The Early Learning Centre closes its doors

Flower Valley Conservation Trust has decided to close the doors of our Early Learning Centre on Flower Valley Farm for 2018. This decision followed much consideration and partner input and support.

Flower Valley’s latest news

I don’t think it has ever been clearer: if nature works, people benefit. And when we don’t care for our natural resources (like letting invasive species overrun water sources), there are consequences.

Could the weather be behind the fynbos confusion?

Fynbos is hardy, and can withstand tough weather conditions. But a recent outing on Flower Valley Farm (the home of Flower Valley Conservation Trust) highlighted just how the current weather could be impacting on our fynbos landscape.

Goodbye and good luck, class of 2017!

When the end of the school year approaches, there are mixed emotions for the children and teachers at the Early Learning Centre on Flower Valley Farm. It’s time for our Grade R children to say goodbye, before they start their primary school careers.

A small reward for selfless practitioners

As 2017 draws to a close, the Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme hosted a Milkwood Learning Workshop for ECD practitioners, governing body members and field workers at Fynbos Retreat.



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