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Flower Valley News

Position: Outdoor Assistant (live-in position)

The Trust is now advertising for the following full-time position: Outdoor Assistant (live-in position) to take responsibility for the overall garden establishment and general maintenance. Work in a team to create a pleasant and productive ‘food and discovery’ garden environment that is safe and secure for both children and visitors.

Flower Valley’s latest news

Wildfires: We’re certainly no stranger to their devastation. In 2006, the entire Flower Valley Farm burnt to the ground. It was an experience you can’t put words to. It not only

Wildfire in the Overberg: So what has changed?

By Kirsten Watson For me, this year started like no other. We were only a few days into 2019 when we heard the news: It’s burning. Franskraal, our closest town (to Flower Valley Farm), was being evacuated. It was one of three fires burning in the Overstrand at the...

A Fynbos Forum field trip on Flower Valley

We’re hosting a Field Trip at Flower Valley Farm on Wednesday 7 August 2019 – introducing attendees to our Fynbos, sustainable harvesting practices, and conservancy action to protect Fynbos.