Flower Valley Patron – Suzanne Ackerman-Berman


Suzanne Ackerman-Berman has been changing lives in South Africa for decades.

In 2015, she became Patron of Flower Valley Conservation Trust – combining her focus on supporting entrepreneurs with her love for nature, and especially fynbos.

Suzanne is also the Director of Transformation at Pick n Pay. Here she provides mentorship and support to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, helping them to play a meaningful role in South Africa’s economy.

She received her tertiary education in Cape Town (the University of Cape Town), as well as in Chicago. After that, Suzanne worked in cities around the world, running restaurants.


Returning home

As the daughter of Pick n Pay founders, Raymond and Wendy Ackerman, Suzanne finally returned ‘home’, and worked her way through the Pick n Pay ranks, until she found her passion in running the Transformation portfolio.

While she loves working with people, she also loves and appreciates nature – in particular flowers. As Flower Valley’s Patron, she connects with fynbos as often as possible. And of course, she loves reading books on flowers (in particular gardening).

She says, “I am passionate about trying to make the world a better place, in attitude and in actions and by appreciation in the beauty of Nature and Flowers, and Accepting.”

And so her motto aligns with Flower Valley’s vision, as Suzanne actively helps to ensure a fynbos-filled future for life and livelihoods.

“I visit Flower Valley Farm whenever I can. It truly encapsulates the beauty of our fynbos landscapes, and the intricate connections with plants, animals and people. That’s why my family have adopted hectares on Flower Valley Farm – so that we can play our role in caring for this fynbos heritage.” – Suzanne Ackerman-Berman


We are situated between Stanford and Gansbaai, in the Western Cape, South Africa.

S 34° 33′ 3.3834″ E 19° 28′ 11.9274″




Your own Erica ID kit:

There are around 660 Erica species in the Cape Floral Kingdom. On Flower Valley Farm, we’ve got 19 Erica species. (Most notably, you’ll find the Endangered Erica irregularis.) We’ve compiled an Erica ID kit of the main Erica species you’ll find in our area. And we’re making this kit available to those who have Adopted a Hectare on Flower Valley Farm.