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Our Team


Lesley Richardson

Lesley Richardson has been the Executive Director of the Flower Valley Conservation Trust since 2003. Prior to that she was employed as a Director for the World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa, where she worked for just under ten years. She completed her degree, M.Sc in Community Health, at the University of Stellenbosch. Email: lesley@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 425 2218


Madelyn Heaney

Madelyn became part of the Flower Valley team in 2016 as the personal assistant to the Executive Director. Madelyn is self-taught and has many years’ experience in the NGO sector as she has always been driven to work with her community and surroundings to help where it is needed. Madelyn lives by the mantra of always giving back and never expecting something in return. Email: madelyn@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 425 2218


Annette van Wyk

Annette came on board as the Financial Manager for Flower Valley in early 2016. She made the big move from Gauteng to the Cape, as she has always had a true adoration for nature, flowers, her surroundings and the ocean. Annette completed her Financial Diploma at the South African Institute of Bookkeepers. Email: annette@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 425 2218


Jacoba Human

Jacoba became a member of the Flower Valley team in the end of 2016, as the Financial Officer. She completed her Bachelors in Science at the University of Stellenbosch with her main subjects being Botany and Maths and later completed her Pastel Accounting certificate. With a lifelong passion for fynbos, its diversity and resilience in the harsh summers, Jacoba felt that Flower Valley Conservation Trust is the perfect fit for her. Email: jacoba@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 425 2218


Marianna Afrikaner

Marianna has been with Flower Valley since 2005. She previously worked at a children’s home, and as a caterer. Today she ensures that Flower Valley Farm continues to operate without hitches. She is the Trust’s Skills Development Facilitator and Health & Safety representative. She has also completed her First Aid Level Two Training, and works as Wieta supervisor. Email: mafrikaner@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 388 0713


Roger Bailey

Roger has been with Flower Valley Conservation Trust since 2003. Prior to this, he worked as Senior Project Manager for Working for Water at the Agulhas National Park, where he managed the Working for Water programme within the park. He has also worked as a researcher for the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Email:roger@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 388 0713


Kirsten Retief

Kirsten joined the Flower Valley team as the Conservation Extension and Applied Research Coordinator in late 2016. She completed her Honours in Botany and her Masters in Conservation Biology. Previously she worked for the Endangered Wildlife Trust in the Wildlife and Energy Programme in the West Coast. She also previously worked as a Research Assistant at SANBI. She’s now moved to the Overberg to further develop her love for botany and help protect fynbos. Email: kirsten@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 388 0713


Kathy O’Grady

Kathy O’Grady became Flower Valley’s Ethical Trade Coordinator in 2014. She has been involved in the non-government development sector for more than 20 years, with emphasis on the sustainable development of people and human rights practice in rural South Africa.  Between 2009 and 2014, she worked in the field of ethical trade, mostly within the South African Fresh Fruit Industry. Kathy promotes social and labour compliance among fynbos suppliers, and works closely with retailers to encourage ethical buying. Email: kathy@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 388 0713


Adrianne van Wyk

Adrianne joined the Flower Valley team in 2016 as the Communications Officer. After completing her degree in Public Relations Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, she moved to the Overberg, hoping to spread awareness for our unique fynbos and beautiful landscapes. She also has a passion for photography that she knows she can fulfil at Flower Valley.  Email: adrianne@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 425 2218


Gabbi Cook

Gabbi has been part of the Flower Valley team since the humble beginnings as a volunteer in 1999 and became a permanent employee soon thereafter. Boasting a list of accolades, from BA degree in Social Science to post graduate programmes in Pre Primary Education and Environmental Education, Gabbi has always been passionate in helping the earth and her people, especially the children whose future depend on it. Email: gabbi@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 388 0713



Elizabeth Naude

Elizabeth has been with Flower Valley since October 2017. She previously completed her Degree and Honours in Inclusive Education from The Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She believes that with more information, our positive impact onto the children of the Overstrand will be greater, and loves encouraging children to reach their full potential. Email: elizabeth@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 388 0713.




Kieran Whitely

Kieran started at Flower Valley Conservation Trust in October 2017 with a Degree in Social Work from Stellenbosch University in 2009 behind her belt. Kieran’s open heart towards children and knowledge of working with parents and educators, brings a real asset to the ECD Programme. She loves being involved in helping develop more responsible, aware and connected children. Email: kieran@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 388 0713.




Nelnishia Lourens

Nelnishia took control of Flower Valley’s database in 2011, and plays a key administrative role in the ABI Alien Clearing Project. Prior to this, she completed an N4-N5 Marketing diploma at Boland College, as well as an N4-N6 Management Assistant diploma. She currently forms part of the SANBI Groen Senbenza programme. Email:nelnishia@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 425 2218



Stanley Engel

Born in Elim, Stanley has been an Overberg local for most of his life. He completed his Honours Degree in Geography and Rural Development from the University of Western Cape. With his extensive knowledge of the area and enjoyment of working with people, Stanley joined the Flower Valley team in January 2018. He likes working with the community, training and developing their skills set, whilst creating awareness around opportunities for career growth in conservation. Email: stanley@flowervalley.co.za; Tel. 028 425 2218




Tina Vlok

Tina is actively involved with website development and digital marketing, with a special focus on conservation and agriculture. She started working with Flower Valley in 2013 and maintains the Flower Valley website, social media platforms and email newsletters. She also has a passion for nature, fynbos and the Agulhas area. Email: web@flowervalley.co.za

Flower Valley’s farm team – John Izacs and Sithembiso Nqapha – are responsible for maintaining the farm. They clear the land of invasive alien plants, and maintain roads and other infrastructure. The team is often outsourced to neighbouring farms, to help with alien clearing and managed block burns.