about flower valley
Our Trustees

Flower Valley Conservation Trust has always had a Board of Trustees, supporting the Trust with fiduciary and governance responsibilities. The Board of Trustees and the Trust’s Management meet on a regular basis to discuss successes, challenges and the way forward for the Trust. As Flower Valley Conservation Trust, we are very thankful for the support and guidance offered by the Trustees. The Trustees for 2018 are:


  • Chair: David Waddilove
  • Rhoda Malgas
  • Monique Weits
  • Jay Pillay
  • Sean Privett
  • Rob Brett


To get in contact with one of the Trustees, please contact lesley@flowervalley.co.za or (028) 425 2218.




Your own Erica ID kit:

There are around 660 Erica species in the Cape Floral Kingdom. On Flower Valley Farm, we’ve got 19 Erica species. (Most notably, you’ll find the Endangered Erica irregularis.) We’ve compiled an Erica ID kit of the main Erica species you’ll find in our area. And we’re making this kit available to those who have Adopted a Hectare on Flower Valley Farm.