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Flower Valley: Intervening to help protect our biodiversity. It’s great when conservation and social efforts lead to tangible results. For Flower Valley, that includes being part of the partnership that cleared 25,000 hectares of land of invasive alien plants in under...

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Flower Valley’s latest report available

Flower Valley 2012-2013 annual report is now available. This year, we look at how we’re working to achieve good land management across the Agulhas Plain, and the Overberg. Harvesting fynbos sustainably and removing invasive alien plants are but two ways we work to...

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Flower Valley’s annual report available

Flower Valley 2011-2012 annual report is now available. In it, we take a look at what was achieved in the year. Also, Executive Director Lesley Richardson talks about new ways of achieving essential conservation outcomes, through close collaboration with partners. For...

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Proteaceae findings published in SA Journal of Science

Many species from the Proteaceae family are known as the symbol of fynbos. They are also responsible for the bulk of the economic value generated by the fynbos wildflower industry. Now research on the Proteaceae, as highlighted at the Fynbos Forum held earlier this...

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