fynbos research



Ethical production in South Africa: Sustainable Wildflower Harvesting and Fairtrade Raisin Production

Authors: Dr Cheryl McEwan, Dr Alex Hughes, Dr David Bek Year: 2012 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Fynbos Proteaceae as model organisms for biodiversity research and conservation

Authors: Frank M. Schurr, Karen J. Esler, Jasper A. Slingsby, Nicky Allsopp Year: 2012 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Carbon stocks in fynbos, pastures and vineyards on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: a preliminary assessment

Authors: A Mills, S Birch, J Stephenson and R Bailey Year: 2012 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


2011 PPSA Producer Survey Results

Authors: Mariette Kotze Year: 2012 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Effects of Alien Plants on Ecosystem Structure and Functioning and Implications for Restoration: Insights from Three Degraded Sites in South African Fynbos

Authors: Mirijam Gaertner, David M. Richardson and Sean D. J. Privett Year: 2011 Link: www.springerlink.com


Nature-based tourism in the Agulhas Plain: A vehicle for integrated biodiversity conservation and sustainable economic development

Authors: Maria Jose Garcia Corbeira and Beatrice Conradie Year: 2010 Link: www.cssr.uct.ac.za


Nature-based tourism value and the demand for responsible tourism on the Agulhas Plain

Authors: Maria Garcia and Beatrice Conradie Year: 2010 Link: www.cssr.uct.ac.za


Report on the interaction between harvesters and US.

Year: 2010-04-19 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Farmer’s attitudes to conservation in the Strandveld (Afrikaans)

Author: Beatrice Conradie Year: 2010-04-15 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Analysis of prevailing prices and costs in the industry (Afrikaans)

Author: Beatrice Conradie Year: 2010-04-15 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Survey of fynbos producers: A PPSA report compiled at a Flower Valley Field Day

Author: Beatrice Conradie Year: 2010-04-15 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Putting ethics on the table: the ethical dimension of consumption

Authors: Dave Bek and Tony Binns Year: 2009-09-15 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


The effect of ploughing and natural augmenting

Year: 2009-06-29 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za


Biodiversity and Business: Harvesting Wild Flowers to Safeguard Biodiversity

Authors: Nik Sekhran, Lesley Richardson Year: 2009-02-15 Link: www.flowervalley.org.za