Many species from the Proteaceae family are known as the symbol of fynbos. They are alsoOne & Only Hotel (cape Town, South Africa) responsible for the bulk of the economic value generated by the fynbos wildflower industry. Now research on the Proteaceae, as highlighted at the Fynbos Forum held earlier this year, has been published in the South African Journal of Science.

Studies emphasised in the journal include the impact of climate change on the germination and seedling growth of a number of Proteaceae species. According to research by Anthony Rebelo, germination was reduced at higher temperatures, although some seeds could still germinate when temperatures were 3.5 °C higher.

Various studies also found that certain Proteaceae species were threatened by increased fires, and that contemporary fire intervals are sometimes too short for slow-maturing non-sprouting species to set seed.

Other matters were also addressed at the Fynbos Forum, and are included in the article. At a workshop held at the forum, the question was asked: ‘What are the most important questions from a management perspective?’ Fire was highlighted as a key topic (38%), followed by conservation planning (23%).

To read the article, as published in the South African Journal of Science, click here.