fynbos questions

Lea Cohen

Flower Valley is introducing new skills and capacity to answer difficult questions around fynbos use. With the help of a database expert, the team is now able to use internet-based databases, to help analyse trends in fynbos.

We’ve worked with fantastic volunteers, such as Lea Cohen, who shared her knowledge and expertise on open source database management systems with the Sustainable Harvesting Programme.


Experience on 3 continents

Lea has varied experience working and volunteering for a number of conservation NGOs on three continents: North America, South America and Africa. Her impressive tertiary background includes Geography, completed at UCLA, and an MSc in Conservation Biology completed at UCT. She has since specialized in GIS and data management systems.

She introduced the Sustainable Harvesting team to programmes used by international companies to manage large datasets and geospatial information.

This will allow the Sustainable Harvesting team to use information we’re collecting to answer more complex questions concerning fynbos use across the Cape Floristic Region. Watch this space!