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“Let’s recommit to work towards our common goal:
a nation where ALL OF US are winners,
all of us have shelter, food and education.”
– Nelson Mandela

This year’s Mandela Day theme is #ActionAgainstPoverty. A powerful statement; one that resonates with Flower Valley. This year, you can support these goals Madiba has highlighted, during our Mandela Day activities at Flower Valley.

We need help improving the infrastructure, playgrounds and gardens at our 5 Early Childhood Development Centres in and around Gansbaai. If you’re in the area, or keen for a trip, your 67 minutes will be so appreciated.

So, how well do you know and love fynbos?

Fynbos is very diverse. I still learn more about it each day.

But do you know and love fynbos? Take our quiz to see if you are a fynbos expert. And let us know how well you did – we’d love to hear.

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