We celebrated World Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday, 7 September – a day that resonates with the Early Learning Centre’s ethos.


So what is #OutdoorClassroomDay?

What started out as a few schools in the UK trying to create awareness around learning and playing outdoors back in 2012, now sees nearly 16,000 schools in 52 countries across the globe joining in to celebrate what the outdoors have to offer when it comes to a child’s education.

World Outdoor Classroom day takes place a few times a year, encouraging schools throughout the world to put on civvies, go outside and use nature to help them learn. Taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day encourages problem-solving skills, better social skills, team-work skills, a bigger understanding of nature and tons of fun.



The ELC’s activities:

As an eco-school, the ELC joined in the Outdoor Classroom Day, spending most of their day at the dam on Flower Valley Farm. The children and practitioners walked in pairs to the dam where they collected water in containers.

Here the children were encouraged to talk about ways in which they can save water and what animals are dependent on our water systems. The discussion also focused on water safety. From there, they made clay art with the water and the fynbos they found around them and explained their creations to each other.

World Outdoor Classroom Day is an exceptional day to celebrate what Mother Earth has to offer and how you can use her knowledge to grow.

Learning in nature has been one of the biggest focus areas for our ELC and we encourage more schools to join in on #OutdoorClassroomDay on 12 October 2017.