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Can you guess the number one threat to our magical
fynbos on the Agulhas Plain?

It’s not too hard: the answer is invasive alien plants.

We understand from those in the know that invasive plants take up enough water to fill around 33,000 Olympic-size swimming pools every year on the Agulhas Plain alone. It’s mind-blowing to think what this quantity works out to across the whole country.

So, as water becomes increasingly scarce, addressing the challenge of invasives has never been more important.

That’s why we were really pleased when the Alien Clearing Project, coordinated by Flower Valley Conservation Trust (under the banner of the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative) got started again.

Here’s our target: 15,000 hectares cleared over the next 4 months giving employment to 160 local people employed in 17 teams.

And following that: our ongoing efforts, working with our key partners in the private and public sectors, to ensure all that we gain now in this war on invasives isn’t lost in future.

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