Fynbos offers a number of tasty foodie options. So on World Food Day (16 October), we’re taking a slightly different view of fynbos – to see how to use fynbos in food (responsibly, of course), and some of the medicinal benefits.

Great SA Bake Off Judge, Tjaart Walraven, and Vineyard Chef, Carl van Rooyen, compiled a fynbos-infused selection of sweets and savoury treats.

So here are some of the menu options presented earlier this year at a Fynbos Fusion event (hosted by Flower Valley Conservation Trust, Pick n Pay and the Vineyard Hotel).


1. Wild Rosemary-infused Chicken Mayonnaise Filled Ciabatta

Wild rosemary offers a natural way to fight an oncoming cold. It also promotes healthy hair and skin, with rich anti-ageing properties.

It also helps ease off a migraine, and reduces stress and anxiety.


2. Orange and Citrus Buchu Crème Brûlée

Buchu offers wonderful medicinal benefits. For example, eating buchu or drinking buchu tea helps to improve your immune system (a great natural way to re-energise when you’re feeling a bit flat).

It’s also handy if you have a bit of a hangover, or a bladder infection. And it serves as a natural insect repellant against mosquitos.


3. Sour Fig Jam Baked Cheesecake

Sour figs are considered to be anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial. They’re also great for treating scars: they’re said to help regenerate cells, while the juice helps to treat burns and wounds.

Sour figs also help when you have digestive troubles, and mouth and stomach ulcers.

Of course, we recommend you harvest your fynbos responsibly – not damaging the plant during the picking process, and leaving seed stock in the veld, so that new plants can continue to grow across the landscapes.


See our Sustainable Harvesting Programme for more on info.