End plastic pollution – what a massive and daunting task. For years we have become used to grabbing plastic bags at the supermarket till and storing our food in colourful Tupperware.


But where has this led us? Where is the plastic going after we have used it?

Earth Day’s theme is #EndPlasticPollution and it’s very evident why. Our landscapes, our oceans and even our homes are being poisoned and polluted by plastic in a dangerous and rapid way. The human race’s way of living has become so detrimental to the natural world – one wonders if people can change the way they live?

So that’s where Early Childhood Development stepped in – and why Flower Valley has chosen to be part of children’s upbringing and growth.

Because the children attending our four supported ECD Kindergarten centres across the Overstrand are the future leaders, the future ambassadors who will help protect our natural world. And our impact today can have a ripple effect into their tomorrow, hopefully helping in the fight to beat plastic pollution.


What we got up to:

Dolfyntjies centre in Pearly Beach informal settlement, Eluxolweni, had a recycling arts and crafts day. They used materials such as bottle tops, old egg boxes and plastic bags to create posters of Dolphins. This gave Joemarie, the Dolfyntjies Principal, the chance to explain the importance of our marine ecosystems and why we should do our part to re-use and recycle our plastic.

The children each received plastic bottles which they enjoyed filling with soil and planted peas – now looking to the future and what they can do to help restore and protect our Earth.


But Earth Day should be celebrated each day:

Earth Day is vital for raising awareness and changing the way we as humans think – taking it forward into our everyday lives.

That is why our ECD team and practitioners have made a promise: a promise to make material shopping bags at the next Milkwood Workshop to give to the whole Flower Valley team. This in turn may not make the biggest difference today, but each small action can make a big difference for tomorrow.