Women’s Month

Women’s Month

In South Africa, when August arrives, we celebrate Women’s Month – honouring women across the country and highlighting opportunities provided in various sectors.

From working with children to clearing invasive alien plants and picking fynbos responsibly for the bouquet market, we work to enable women in the Overberg area to empower themselves sustainably, emotionally and economically.

In this newsletter we put the spotlight on the women who are part of our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme. You can read about the “Milkwood Retreats” below where
in-depth time is spent with ECD practitioners to broaden their understanding and skills for their special vocation with children.

But that is not where the capacity building stops for us. Through our ABI Alien Clearing programme, we dedicate time and resources towards training and development of the participants – who, of the 250 employed per year, are 60% female. Other successes from the project are listed below.

Top of mind – and heart – for Flower Valley, a conservation and development organisation based in the heart of the Overberg, is the creation of opportunities for women, partnering with them to find solutions and to adapt to environmental, economic and social changes. Women whose voices are heard, have the power to change the world for the better.

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