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Every organisation reviews its strategy from time to time, to seize new opportunities and prepare for new challenges. Our review over the last year has been a great team-building exercise – and has led us to our new vision statement:

A Fynbos-Filled Future for Life and Livelihoods

I love it. It’s so simple, yet captures the many layers of our work. For me, it’s especially important in that it highlights the role of people in Fynbos. All our work takes place through a people-centred approach: of learning, demonstration and collaboration.

To focus on collaboration:  we partner with harvesters, landowners, suppliers, retailers, parents, children, government – and so many more. Together we bring about positive change. I want to thank all these partners for the teamwork and successes we have enjoyed together this year.

And I also want to thank the many funders who have over the years been partners too. 
It’s all those companies, organisations, philanthropic individuals and Trusts who invest in this vision: in Fynbos landscapes and Fynbos livelihoods.

It’s clear South Africa’s economy is in a difficult place right now. We can see the effects of this in both the conservation and agricultural sectors. This makes it all the more important to ensure our work offers a good return on investment. And it does! So thank you for your support. We’ll continue to provide those returns: safeguarding ecosystems, securing livelihoods and nurturing young children.

One final thought: It feels really good to give a green gift on festive occasions. What about a green gift from Flower Valley Farm – adopting a hectare of Fynbos and forests for a year for a family member or friend? Please support this cause. Here’s how.

May you have a wonderful festive season. We look forward to your continued support and partnership next year.

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