Martina Appolis realised early in her career that she wanted to be a small business owner. So working her way up over time, Martina registered as a contractor in 2013.


Today she works with Flower Valley Conservation Trust and the SA National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) to clear emerging invaders on the Agulhas Plain.

She has had to make use of innovative new techniques to clear Kangaroo Paw, Mauritian Hemp and Australian Bottlebrush. And Martina and her team have collected data on the new invasives – and shared their findings with SANBI.

Why does she love this work?

Because she can see the difference it makes in the lives of those she works with. And because it’s given her the chance to show that women can do this job – and do it well.

Martina chats to Flower Valley’s Stanley Engel on International Women’s Day, giving advice to women entrepreneurs. And suggesting how women can work in ways that men simply can’t.