When you buy Fynbos bouquets with THIS sticker on them, you’re helping to conserve Fynbos. 

Flower Valley Conservation Trust has teamed up with Pick n Pay to protect Fynbos. For every bouquet of Fynbos sold in a Pick n Pay store with the sticker on, R1 is donated to Flower Valley’s Sustainable Harvesting Programme (SHP).

Pick n Pay has been a supporter of the Sustainable Harvesting Programme for more than a decade. They sell Fynbos harvested by members of the Programme. Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, Head of the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation, is also a Patron at Flower Valley Conservation Trust.

Roger Bailey, Flower Valley’s Acting Executive Director says, “For years we have worked closely with Pick n Pay. This new agreement is the pinnacle of our long-standing cooperation. Their support will help make a difference.”

With the funds raised by Pick n Pay, Fynbos harvesters receive training to pick this resource with care – in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. The funds also support monitoring and ongoing research into Fynbos harvesting.

The SHP is an assurance programme. It helps to guide harvesters to pick Fynbos in the appropriate way. It also supports them to pick the correct species.

Many Fynbos species face extinction, and more than 30 have already become extinct. That’s why harvesters are guided to only pick species that are not threatened. 

Keep an eye out for these reusable shopping bags in your Pick n Pay store. They feature Flower Valley Conservation Trust, and our Sustainable Harvesting Programme. And the proceeds of the sales of the bag support fynbos conservation.