Fynbos Valentine’s Day bouquets don’t make themselves. There’s are a number of steps to ensure you can buy a fynbos bouquet for your other half. As an example:

  •  Teams of harvesters head into the fynbos landscapes to pick the fynbos (Flower Valley Conservation Trust helps ensure harvesters pick fynbos responsibly). 
  • The picked plants are transported – as quickly as possible – to the fynbos packshed. (The plants need to be kept cool as much as possible). 
  • A team cleans the excess material off the fynbos stems. 
  • And a second team is responsible for the creative side – arranging the fynbos bouquet. 
  • From here, bouquets may be transported to a distribution centre (of a retailer), before making their way to the stores.  

We popped in at our Sustainable Harvesting Programme member, Lourens Boerdery, to see the creative side in action (and hopefully get some tips on bouquet arranging).

Here Maria Lewis shows us how it’s done: