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In the Bailey household, we take Valentine’s Day pretty seriously. At the very least, my wife ‘expects’ (although I try to surprise her) a beautiful bouquet of flowers – preferably fynbos. And not just any fynbos, of course. We only opt for responsibly harvested fynbos.

So we popped in at our Sustainable Harvesting Programme member, Lourens Boerdery, to get some tips on arranging a fynbos bouquet. Here Maria Lewis shows us how it’s done.

These Valentine’s Day bouquets will be sold at Pick n Pay. And for every bouquet of fynbos sold with a Flower Valley sticker on it, R1 is donated to our Sustainable Harvesting Programme.

These funds are used to train harvesters to pick fynbos with care, in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. This is such a wonderful role Pick n Pay is playing to help protect Fynbos landscapes and livelihoods.

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Kind regards,

Roger Bailey

Acting Executive Director: Flower Valley Conservation Trust