Nearly 2,000 hectares of invasive alien plants have been removed in the Agulhas Plain since the launch of the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) Alien Clearing Project, implemented by Flower Valley Conservation Trust. The project launched in August 2019. 

Of the area cleared, 400 hectares consisted of larger trees, or new sites for clearing alien invasive species. Chainsaw work is often required for initial clearing (first time removal of alien plants) and is sponsored by the private land owners.

The Flower Valley team and all the contractors are working hard to meet our targets set out in the Annual Plan of Operations to clear more than 5000 hectares of alien plants.

Support from contracting teams

Over R1.8 million has been invested so far to support the employment of 12 contracting teams. The majority of these teams have been working in the project since 2013. Their commitment and positive attitude is commendable, considering the variable weather conditions and hard work of removing alien invasive plants. We look forward to continue working with these conservation champions in our community.

The teams are also currently sporting their brand new personal protective clothing and equipment.

The project is funded by the Department of Environmental Affairs, with co-funding from private landowners and land user groups. Additional support is provided by philanthropic donors, including the Drakenstein Trust and Millennium Trust, to support the management and strategic planning of this large-scale project.  

And coming up in February? 

The teams will be offered accredited training in: 

  • First Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • And Herbicide Applicator

The training is supported by funding from the Department of Environmental Affairs. 


A big thank to the following Land User Groups for their commitment, ongoing support and collaboration towards the eradication of aliens invasive plants.