2020 is a really a big year for us (and April a big month): It’s when Flower Valley Conservation Trust turns 21 years old! 

I’ve been with the Trust for 18 of those 21 years. And I believe our reach is bigger than ever because of one thing: our ability to remain relevant, even as situations change. Here’s what I’ve seen over these 18 years: I’ve seen climate change emerge as a major theme; I’ve seen invasive species multiply and threaten our fynbos ecosystems; and I’ve experienced the desire and commitment to search for and apply green economic solutions to benefit our community and our environment.

Flower Valley works at the core of these themes – thanks to the support of wonderful donors. As a new need emerges, we must adapt. 21 years later, we’re still doing that. 

Right now, we’re facing a new challenge – and so we’re adapting once again, this time in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flower Valley’s role has always been to protect our natural world THROUGH people. Everything we do to achieve our vision: A fynbos-filled future for life and livelihoods, takes place by working with people.

Right now, the people we work with, from the fynbos harvesters and those involved in our natural resource management, to the young children and their families in our Early Childhood Development Programme (ECD), have been severely affected by the Coronavirus-related lockdown.

So here’s how we’re helping during this time in our ECD Programme, and in our Sustainable Harvesting Programme.



Right now, our birthday celebrations look a little different than we’d planned. While working from home, we can’t toast our 21st birthday year with you in person. But we can take you on our 21-year journey so far: www.flowervalley.org.za

Here’s to us raising a glass together soon.

Kind regards,

Roger Bailey
Executive Director (Acting): Flower Valley Conservation Trust

Sustainable Fynbos Harvesting

Flower Valley Conservation Trust

Sustainable Harvesting Programme

When you pick fynbos sustainably, you not only protect the fynbos kingdom for future generations, you also protect the jobs of those who live by harvesting it sustainably.