The Flower Valley team has had busy year with delivering food to mothers and children, and equipping people with skills for potential business opportunities. Have a look on our blog to see the latest news on the essential work done by Flower Valley.

The 2020 year has had a number of challenges for everyone, and being able to adapt and respond rapidly to change is essential. Over the past 3 months Flower Valley has undergone an intensive review of the organisation, to ensure we are still relevant, operate efficiently, and have the greatest impact for biodiversity, communities and children. The new year will bring a revived team with a renewed focus on Flower Valley farm, which is the base for all our activities.

A big thank you to our friends, family, donors, and partners for all your support this year. We have achieved so much thanks to your generosity and believing in the work we do.

Flower Valley sends everyone season’s greetings, and best wishes for the holidays.

Kind regards,

Roger Bailey (Executive Director)