The Flower Valley team has been working in the Flower Valley Farm gardens and getting ready to host workshops at the outdoor classroom in the new year. The design aspects influence directly on the interactions and experience a child will have with nature. This forms part of essential child development at a young age (ages 3-5).  These outdoor spaces create interesting places for children to experience and learn through play in a natural environment on how to connect with the fynbos elements. Below are some of the newest additions to the garden.

Sensory spiral bed

The spiral bed is situated at the entrance of the Outdoor class garden, it has fynbos plants with different scents and textures. During the Outdoor class visits children freely walk the spiral to stimulate their sense of smell and touch. The spiral bed is not only focused on a child’s sensory stimulation, but improves motor functioning abilities as children walk the fynbos spiral.

Soil beds and connecting to the earth

Soil is the building block for all life to grow, and good soil is important for vegetables. Vegetables will be planted in the raised beds after baboon proofing the area. These garden beds will be an ideal space for children to touch, smell and interact with soil and plants. The exploration of soil will help children classify different soil types and sizes. When young children are exposed to gardening, they will have a much deeper understanding of nature and its importance in later years.

Flower Valley looks forward to seeing children explore the Outdoor Classroom Garden in the new year after restrictions have been lifted for visits.