After a prolonged break in the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative’s Alien Clearing Project, work started in early January 2021.

2 734 hectares of alien vegetation was cleared this year. 

Since 2013, the project has successfully cleared 47 000 hectares of alien plants, saving ~16 million m3 of water run-off for the ecosystem. For every hectare of invaded alien invasive species an estimated 347 cubic meters of water run-off is lost compared to intact fynbos.

The success of this achievement is attributed to the dedication of landowners to keep their properties alien species free, and the thirteen contractors that are committed to the people employed in their teams. This project employs 140 people seasonally within the rural areas of the Agulhas region, and for some communities, it is one of the few work opportunities available.

The work is done in collaboration with the following partners:

  • Akkedisberg Conservancy
  • De Diepegat Conservancy
  • Klein Riviersberg Conservancy
  • Napier Mountain Conservancy
  • Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area
  • Solitaire Conservancy
  • Spanjaardskloof Boere Vereeniging
  • Strandveld Boere Vereeniging
  • Walker bay Fynbos Conservancy

This landscape scale project is funded by the Department of Environment Fisheries and Forestry, Drakenstein Trust, Millennium Trust, and landowners. 

If you are interested in getting involved, knowing more about alien species, or employing one of the alien clearing contractors contact Stanley (