With renewed energy for our strategy framework, we have restructured ourselves to be more adaptable and efficient to deal with the post-COVID lock down climate.

Our core focus is conserving biodiversity and building resilience starting with the child, through a life cycle learning approach. The Trust’s approach is to ensure that the conservation work done helps build resilience for biodiversity. Through training and support to early childhood practitioners, children will be better prepared to effectively adapt to the climate emergency. This will contribute towards an inclusive, educated and adaptive society.

Flower Valley demonstrates its work through measurable impacts starting with the 540 hectares of pristine fynbos on Flower Valley farm.  Our aim is for the farm to become a replicable model for learning and conservation of biodiversity. This is evident from our latest news letter. 

The Flower Valley Farm is the centre for all our activities and home to everyone who loves fynbos. We hope to see you visit our hiking trails and accommodation offerings soon, and that you enjoy our latest news. 

Kind regards,

Roger Bailey
Executive Director: Flower Valley Conservation Trust

Flower Valley Conservation Trust

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For the Trust, it has been 21 years of growth, progress and learning.


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