Dolfyntjies Early Childhood Centre (ECD) was founded in 2002 in order to provide a space where children could learn and play in a safe environment in the Eluxolweni community where no quality early childhood services existed.

It is 19 years later and Dolfyntjies remains the only centre for young children in the community. The centre is registered with the Department of Social Development and is able to serve 30 children while meeting and exceeding all the requirements laid out in the Children’s Act.

Eluxolweni faces a myriad of challenges ranging from commercial isolation, unemployment and substance abuse. Dolfyntjies aims to address these challenges by providing a nurturing and stimulating play space that develops social, emotional and neural pathways that are essential for unlocking a childs’ potential. Be it academic or empathetic. The centre immediately impacts households by providing childcare that allows parents to seek economic opportunities previously unavailable to them. 

Dolfyntjies works in partnership with Flower Valley Conservation Trust to provide quality services by continually developing the educators in their practice and expanding the skills necessary to identify delays and intervene appropriately. 

Within this context, the Dolfyntjies ECD has an ongoing struggle to cover the operational costs of running a quality childcare centre, because the grants received and fees are not enough. The most essential service in a community is child development, which is typically the most under funded sector of education in South Africa.

Kindly consider giving towards this centre for their essential services through the link below or contact for more information on how to get involved.