Flower Valley has registered 500 hectares of pristine fynbos (on Flower Valley Farm) into a conservation servitude.

This is done in favour of Fauna and Flora International, one of the world’s leading conservation organisations, who will ensure that all decisions are taken are in the interest of protecting and conserving the biodiveristy of Flower Valley. The conservation servitude protects Flower Valley Farm in perpetuity through a restriction on the property title deed that ensures that only conservation friendly activities are legally allowed on the property. 

This is a fantastic milestone for Flower Valley. The servitude forms a part of the registration process for a Protected Environment for Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy, which aims to ensure that the landowners in Walkerbay area will enjoy conservation status that will protect our natural heritage, and be recognised internationally. Thank you to Grootbos Foundation for their support to register the servitude.