We are half-way through the 2021 year, and it is time to share some of the news from the Valley.

Flower Valley has largely focussed on executing our new strategy. We have been gathering baseline data on the trends within the different rural communities of the Overstrand. This is especially important given the extreme changes happening globally and with the COVID lockdowns. South Africa is now in its third lockdown and the  economy uncertainty that had persisted since 2020 remains. How these external factors relate to our local context – where people live in rural landscapes and their complex social and economic difficulties- is the key question.

Understanding where people are currently in terms of their social and economic well-being, will show how the relationship between people and the natural environment will change. With this information Flower Valley is able to stay current and be effective with our interventions for building resilience of people and conservation of  biodiversity.

The Flower Valley team thanks all of our supporters, donors and followers for believing in the work we do, and we hope you enjoy this newsletter.

Kind regards,

The Flower Valley Team