Flower Valley has learnt that the ability to connect and share information between rural communities is severely limited during the COVID lockdowns. In response to this, we have stepped into the gap and provided training in different ways of communicating with stakeholders.

At the same time, there has been a global turning point with the use of mobile technology being used more frequently than desktop computers in November 2020 (mobile units 53% versus desktop units 44%).

This is a cost effective form of communication for those who have limited access to computers, it is available on the go, and provides information at your fingertips. As part of Flower Valley’s new approach to learning, we are expanding into hybrid learning systems. To achieve learning through a combination of technology and in person communications, a number of basic skills must be fostered. This is especially needed with ongoing lockdown limitations, where people are forced to work remotely, and cannot access information.

A range of topics were covered during the one day workshop using mobile technology in the workplace. These include how to activate WiFi versus mobile data, connecting to networks, downloading apps, sharing contacts between co-workers, how to use whatsapp, camscan, zoom, QR-scanning, google maps and more.

The fourteen people who attended the workshop have been involved with Flower Valley’s projects for a number of years, and were the first group of attendees for this new course. Everyone learnt something new about how to use mobile devices and maximise its effectiveness in their work. Now they will also be able to share this new information with their colleagues.

Flower Valley intends to host more of these workshops once the lock down restrictions have been lifted. With key people in our projects becoming tech savvy, this will allow for greater remote learning and linking them to other courses and content through technology.