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Flower Valley Podcasts:
Fynbos for life and livelihoods

Flower Valley Conservation Trust has launched a podcast. Here we share interesting Fynbos and other conservation stories.

You’ll learn interesting facts about Fynbos specifically, and on broader nature-based themes. And hear about fascinating journeys – all in the name of conservation linked to our wonderous Fynbos world.

In our podcast, we speak to experts, researchers, conservationists, and community members on their work in or lives lived in the Cape Floral Kingdom. The series highlights good news stories in our natural world, but also reminds us of the many threats. We look back at past times and how our world once looked. And we look forward to how our environment could look, based on our current actions as humankind.

This is a podcast for the conservation-minded listener who cares deeply about our natural world.


Sharon Brink: Sharon is a well-known Overberg presenter. She is a passionate conservationist. And through her years of experience as a radio presenter, and by following her conservation interest, she has a wealth of knowledge on our natural world. Sharon is also an acclaimed nature photographer.

Esna Swart: Esna cares deeply for our Fynbos world. She worked as a radio presenter for many years – including interviews on nature-based themes. Aside from her interviewing skills, Esna works as Flower Valley’s GIS expert. She is also an avid consumer of podcasts from around the world.


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