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Flower Valley works with a number of institutions within and beyond our borders, to support research relevant to our programmes, such as Natural Resource Management and Early Childhood Development.


Here’s a full list of research we have either been directly

or indirectly involved in: 

Conservation in the context of wildflower harvesting: the development and implementation of a Vulnerability Index on the Agulhas Plain of South Africa. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Authors: Privett, S., Bek, D., Bailey, R., Binns, T., Raimondo, D., Kirkwood, D., Euston-Brown, D. (2019)

Link: View here

A high road to sustainability? Wildflower harvesting, ethical trade and social upgrading in South Africa’s Western Cape. Journal of Agrarian Change.

Authors: Bek, D., Binns, T., Blokker, T., McEwan, C., Hughes, A. (2016)

Link: DOI: 10.1111/joac.12149

Flower Harvesting on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: Challenges in a fragmented industry. South African Journal of Science.

Authors: Blokker, T., Bek, D., Binns, T. (2015)

Link: DOI 10.17159/ sajs.2015/20140160

Postcolonial perspectives on global production networks: insights from Flower Valley in South Africa. Environment and Planning.

Authors: Hughes, A., McEwan, C., Bek, D. (2015)

Link: DOI10.1068/a130083p

Wild flower harvesting on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: Impact of harvesting intensity under a simulated commercial harvesting regime for two re-seeding and two re-sprouting Fynbos species. South African Journal of Botany.

Authors: Privett, S., Krug, R., Forbes, G., Gaertner, M. (2014)

Link: DOI 10.1016/j.sajb.2014.06.015

Wild flower harvesting on South Africa’s Agulhas Plain: a mechanism for achieving sustainable local economic development? Sustainable Development.

Authors: Bek, D., Binns, T., Nel, E. (2013)

Link: DOI: 10.1002/sd.499

Futures, ethics and the politics of expectation in biodiversity conservation: A case study of South African sustainable wildflower harvesting. Geoforum.

Authors: McEwan, C., Hughes, A., Bek, D. (2013)

Link: DOI 10.1016/j.geoforum.2012.09.010


Ethical production in South Africa: Sustainable Wildflower Harvesting and Fairtrade Raisin Production.

Authors: McEwan, C., Hughes, A., Bek, D. (2012)

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Carbon stocks in fynbos, pastures and vineyards on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: a preliminary assessment.

Authors: A. Mills., S. Birch., J. Stephenson., R. Bailey. (2012)

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Farmers’ views of landscape initiatives: The case of the Agulhas Plain, CFR.

Author: Beatrice Conradie. (2010)

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Analysis of prevailing prices and costs in the industry (Afrikaans).

Author: Beatrice Conradie. (2010)

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Farmer’s attitudes to conservation in the Strandveld (Afrikaans).

Author: Beatrice Conradie. (2009)

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The effect of ploughing and natural augmenting.

Authors: L. Joubert., K.J. Esler., S.D.J. Privett. (2009)

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Student research supported by the SHP:

Resource Base Assessment for Wild Fynbos Harvesting: a Critical Review. Honours Thesis. Stellenbosch University.

Author: van Munster, S. (2016)

Wildflower farming on the Agulhas Plain- Fynbos management and conservation. Masters Thesis. Stellenbosch University.

Author: Treurnicht, M. (2010)

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