Sustainable Harvesting Programme 

The Sustainable Harvesting Programme interacts with a number of institutions within and beyond our borders to motivate ongoing research that is relevant, improves the wild cut flower industry and conserves our fynbos heritage. We also have an active research working group who help evaluate the value and validity of research conducted through the programme.

Research within the Sustainable Harvesting Programme is focussed on the following four topics:

  • Methods for monitoring the impacts of harvesting wild fynbos;
  • Understanding the ethics and economics for the wild fynbos harvesting industry;
  • Improving best practices for the wild cut flower industry;
  • Impacts of harvesting on fynbos ecology and landscape management.

Some of the latest published peer reviewed articles acknowledging the SHP:

A high road to sustainability? Wildflower harvesting, ethical trade and social upgrading in South Africa’s Western Cape. Journal of Agrarian Change.

Authors: Bek, D., Binns, T., Blokker, T., McEwan, C., Hughes, A. (2016)

Link: DOI: 10.1111/joac.12149


Flower Harvesting on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: Challenges in a fragmented industry. South African Journal of Science.

Authors: Blokker, T., Bek, D., Binns, T. (2015)

Link: DOI 10.17159/ sajs.2015/20140160


Postcolonial perspectives on global production networks: insights from Flower Valley in South Africa. Environment and Planning.

Authors: Hughes, A., McEwan, C., Bek, D. (2015)

Link: DOI10.1068/a130083p


Wild flower harvesting on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: Impact of harvesting intensity under a simulated commercial harvesting regime for two re-seeding and two re-sprouting Fynbos species. South African Journal of Botany.

Authors: Privett, S., Krug, R., Forbes, G., Gaertner, M. (2014)

Link: DOI 10.1016/j.sajb.2014.06.015


Wild flower harvesting on South Africa’s Agulhas Plain: a mechanism for achieving sustainable local economic development? Sustainable Development.

Authors: Bek, D., Binns, T., Nel, E. (2013)

Link: DOI: 10.1002/sd.499


Futures, ethics and the politics of expectation in biodiversity conservation: A case study of South African sustainable wildflower harvesting. Geoforum.

Authors: McEwan, C., Hughes, A., Bek, D. (2013)

Link: DOI 10.1016/j.geoforum.2012.09.010


Ethical production in South Africa: Sustainable Wildflower Harvesting and Fairtrade Raisin Production.

Authors: McEwan, C., Hughes, A., Bek, D. (2012)

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Carbon stocks in fynbos, pastures and vineyards on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa: a preliminary assessment.

Authors: A. Mills., S. Birch., J. Stephenson., R. Bailey. (2012)

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Farmers’ views of landscape initiatives: The case of the Agulhas Plain, CFR.

Author: Beatrice Conradie. (2010)

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Analysis of prevailing prices and costs in the industry (Afrikaans).

Author: Beatrice Conradie. (2010)

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Farmer’s attitudes to conservation in the Strandveld (Afrikaans).

Author: Beatrice Conradie. (2009)

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The effect of ploughing and natural augmenting.

Authors: L. Joubert., K.J. Esler., S.D.J. Privett. (2009)

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Student research supported by the SHP:

Resource Base Assessment for Wild Fynbos Harvesting: a Critical Review. Honours Thesis. Stellenbosch University.

Author: van Munster, S. (2016)


Wildflower farming on the Agulhas Plain- Fynbos management and conservation. Masters Thesis. Stellenbosch University.

Author: Treurnicht, M. (2010)