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Wonky Hill Trail

Flower Valley Farm is awash with colours and aromas – now that spring has sprung. It’s the ideal opportunity to experience one of our hiking trails, either for the day, or during a stay at our self-catering accommodation. 

3 km

 Wonky Hill Trail is the shortest – and most gentle – of Flower Valley’s trails. It’s around 3km from the farmstead, and should take you a bit more than an hour to complete (a bit longer if you’re to enjoy some of the wonderful views). And while it starts with a bit of a climb, it soon levels out and then takes you back to the farmstead. 

Gansbaai Hiking Trail

Here’s what to expect during your Wonky Hill hike – and what to look out for: 

The Wonky Hill Trail starts on the Flower Valley amphitheatre, just behind the farmstead beyond the dam.

The trail has the same starting point as the Pincushion Hill and the Stinkhoutsbos Trail (although the Stinkhoutsbos Trail also has another starting point on the amphitheatre). When you’re on the amphitheatre (with the farmstead behind your back), the trail’s entrance is up to your right.

Starting point 

It starts with a noticeable climb, but you’re soon surrounded by the ethereal green of the tall fynbos (a nice distraction). Look up to your right during this part of your walk: during October and November, this hill lights up with Pincushions (Leucospermum cordifolium).

The path splits at around 0.7km, where the Pincushion Hill trail takes hikers towards the hill. The Wonky Hill and Stinkhoutsbos Trail continue up.

You’ll enjoy some wonderful lookout points during the hike – including looking down over the farm and the farmstead below you. It provides nice 360-degree views of all the majestic mountains around you.

 Highest point

The highest point during the hike is around 240m above sea-level. Up to this point, you’ll experience a couple of moderate to mild climbs, before the trail starts evening out. 

The Wonky Hill Trail splits from the Stinkhoutsbos (and Lomond Trail) at around 1.6km.


Then you’re on the descent back to the farmstead. The downhill takes you passed a stretch of trail surrounded by an array of Proteas, such as Protea longifolia (listed as Vulnerable) and the Near Threatened Protea scabra, and bright Leucodendron species.

The path down is slightly technical, so do watch your step. As you head passed the amphitheatre to your left, be sure to exit the trail here (where the sign says: To the mountain).

Then it’s back to the farmstead for a cold drink or hot coffee (if you’re staying at our overnight accommodation, or if any of our staff are on hand during the week).

Other special species you could see en route during the Wonky Hill Trail:


Erica imbricata

Erica plukenetii

Berzelia lanuginosa

And an array of Leucospermums and Leucadendrons


A couple of reminders:

Flower Valley Farm Offices are open to visitors 9am – 4pm daily, except for the weekend. We are open on a Saturday by appointment only, and closed on Sundays (for day visitors. If you’re staying in our accommodation, we’re open 7 days a week).

And if you decide to come hike over a weekend, we’ve got an honesty box for you to make use of.

Day visitors: Also take note we are closed on public holidays. (We also need a little time to recharge our batteries.)

Bring friends and family, pack yourself a picnic and come enjoy some quality time in the flora.

Contact Wilma on (028) 388 0713 or info@flowervalley.co.za.


A few hiking tips for you:

  • Always take water with you, even if it’s a short hike.
  • Hike in pairs of two or more.
  • Remember you’re in a wild landscape, so please keep an  eye out for our wildlife, including a few passing snakes on a hot day.
  • Please don’t hike on very hot and windy days during summer – especially when there’s the danger of runaway wildfire. 
  • Bear in mind that cellphone signal is sometimes a little spotty along the path.
  • Enjoy the wonders of fynbos, and all the fynbos birds, the small antelope, and the little critters that live on Flower Valley Farm. 

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Fynbos faces extreme threats.

Many fynbos species have already gone extinct.

Others literally stand on the brink of extinction.

Act today, to stop the extinction spiral of this truly South African floral heritage.


Fynbos faces extreme threats. Many fynbos species have already gone extinct. Others literally stand on the brink of extinction. Act today, to stop the extinction spiral of this truly South African floral heritage.

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